Thursday, 31 January 2013

Setting up an application based on Discover Electronics

Setting up LifeStyle Endeca Application and LifeStyle Reference Application

We can create an Endeca application based on discover-data deployment deployment template by following the steps provided in Getting Started Guide ( - Deploying a Reference Application) and then view the sample pages using discover-electronics reference application (http:localhost:8006/discover)

As beginners, we tend to play around the reference application by changing the pipeline, creating a new cartridge templates and then seeing the changes in the reference application. To do this we should have a reference application that is specific to our application so that we can make all the changes as we need without effecting the base reference application.

I have followed the below steps to create a new Endeca application and corresponding new reference application to make the changes.

Check that the Endeca HTTP Service and Endeca Tools Service are up and running

1. Create a new Endeca application named lifestyle based on discover-data deployment template

a) Navigate to cd C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks\3.1.1\deployment_template\bin and execute

deploy.bat --app ..\..\reference\discover-data\deploy.xml

Provide the below parameter values

  • Application Name: lifestyle
  • Deployment Directory : C:\Endeca\apps
  • EAC Port : 8888
  • Workbench port : 8006
  • Live Dgraph port : 18000
  • Authoring Dgraph port : 18002
  • Log Server Port : 18010  

Ensure that the application is successfully deployed

b) Navigate to the control directory of the newly created application and execute the initialize_services.bat to provision the application to EAC

c) Execute the load_baseline_test_data to load the test data

d) Run the baselineupdate to perform full indexing

e) Execute promote content to promote the content to work bench

2. Navigate to C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks\3.1.1\reference directory, copy of the discover-electronics reference application folder, paste it in the same directory and name it as lifestyle

3. Modify the following properties in file of lifestyle reference application


  • workbench.port=8006
  • workbench.publishing.serverPort=8007
  • mdex.port=18000
  • logserver.port=18010

4. Navigate to ENDECA_TOOLS_CONF sub directory C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks\3.1.1\server\workspace\conf\Standalone\localhost, copy the discover.xml file, paste it in the same directory and rename it to lifestyle.xml and make the below changes
  • path="/lifestyle"
  • docbase="${catalina.base}/../../reference/lifestyle"

5. Restart the EndecaToolsService

6. Verify that lifestyle application is present in the Endeca Workbench with the sample cartridge templates and sample pages.

http://localhost:8006/admin > login and select the lifestyle Endeca Application

7. Verify that the lifestyle  reference application is available with sample page views configured in the experience manager with camera test data.

http://localhost:8006/lifestyle to view the lifestyle reference web application

We have successfully created lifestyle Endeca application using discover-data deployment template and successfully have corresponding lifestyle web application running. We can now create a new pages in experience manager, make corresponding view changes in the reference application and see the changes.


  1. Hi, have you tried replacing the pipeline with a different one and seen changes reflected?

  2. This was helpful. Thanks!