Sunday, 13 January 2013

New look to Oracle ATG Commerce with Oracle Endeca Commerce

With Oracle acquiring both ATG and Endeca, it has now grouped both the products under one umbrella called ORACLE COMMERCE comprising ORACLE ATG COMMERCE and ORACLE ENDECA COMMERCE.  Oracle has already announced that they would stop their support for ATG search in next couple of years and are encouraging all the existing applications developed in ATG Search to migrate to Endeca.

As part of the products integration, Oracle has released two major versions of ATG for integration of Oracle ATG Commerce to Oracle Endeca Commerce. With the latest version of Oracle ATG Commerce 10.1.2 one can easily integrate with the latest version Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1.1 with the help of many OOTB components provided in ATG as well as the Deployment Template provided in Endeca.

Endeca Commerce, by itself is a well proven product for Search and with the power of ATG Commerce for the core commerce functionality we can build an Enterprise e-commerce application that can give the best experience to the customers which is highly stable and scalable.

Now that the gates are open for the integration of ATG Commerce with Endeca Commerce, there are some challenges as well when we take into consideration of the existing clients who would like to integrate their ATG applications with Endeca Commerce.

1) Do I need to migrate my existing ATG application which is currently running in (7.0 or 9.0) to 10.1.2 to integrate with Endeca Commerce 3,1,1. Aren't there any steps to integrate my existing application with Endeca Commerce?

2) If my existing ATG application containing a lot of custom BCC changes as per my requirement is running well today, what are the challenges in front to migrate to ATG 10.1.2 so as to integrate with Endeca Commerce? As ATG 10.0 and above uses flex in Merchandising UI, is it advisable to migrate to 10 so as to integrate with Endeca ?

3) Though one can index the data from ATG product catalog to Endeca using the OOTB components, we still have to make use of Developer Studio for things such as creating a search interface and so on. Will we be able to do all the required stuff from ATG itself going forward?

As change is inevitable, without worrying about the challenges ahead one should start making use of Endeca Commerce capabilities with the best possible way for their current ATG solution.

Note: As I am completely new to Endeca, I am planning to pen down all the configuration steps, issues faced, migration steps and so in my upcoming blogs.


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