Sunday, 8 July 2012

Changing the default Big String Editor in Merchandising - Oracle ATG 10

The default big string editor creates many problems such as simple ' in Merchandising transforms to &apos on the store front and in the assets tab which loads the HTML content in the EditLive! editor. 

The above stated issue which is because of the Flex html editor can be fixed by following the below steps

(1) Load up the ACC and connect it to your CA/Merch server.

(2) When the ACC has loaded, navigate to the Publishing > View Mapping tab.

(3) The next step is to find the text editors available to the AssetManager. Do this by performing the following search in the ACC:
(a) List Items of type propertyView whose name contains "big string"
You will see a list of 4 items when you issue this query. The relevant ones are named "AA AssetManager plain text big string propertyView" and "AssetManager big string propertyView"

(b) If you select "AA AssetManager plain text big string propertyView" you should see that it has the property isDefault set to false.
You need to set this to true and then save the change.

(c) You then need to select "AssetManager big string propertyView"and set isDefault to false.
Save this change.

(4) Now open up the BCC and create a new Merchandising project.

(5) Within this project, create or edit an asset that has a property of type 'big string' and add some HTML content.
     You should now see that the HTML tags are saved correctly by the plain text editor

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